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Lessons from month 1

September 2nd, 2012 mmonto14

One month ALREADY! I have just completed one month in Spain; it is crazy how fast time has gone by. Throughout this time, I have thought of some valuable lessons/tips that I wished I knew before I arrived. Here are a few:

1. Bring toiletries and school supplies with you!!!! This is key. If you have the space and weight availability, please do yourself the favor and pack these things (at least for the first month). It has been a pain and very disheartening to have to spend a decent buck on school supplies and toiletries here in Spain. It is also more convenient especially if you use specific products. It has been very annoying to have to spend money on things that I already have at home or that I could have found for a lower price at home.

2. Be open-minded: This is to be expected. If you are in a different country, obviously the customs are different. Be open to new things and meeting new people.

3. Have healthy-snacks throughout the day: The time difference between lunch and dinner is roughly 8 HOURS! This is a long time especially for a girl who tries to eat small meals every 3 hours. I needed snacks in order to be functioning individual throughout the gap. Most of the times my snack of choice was frozen-yogurt from downtown Pamplona.

4. Have some “me” time: It is not always necessary to do what the rest of the group does; they will understand if you would prefer to have an afternoon to yourself.

5. Be stylish: Everyone in Spain is pretty much a walking magazine ad; they are all dressed in the latest trend. If you like to be stylish, Spain (and Europe in general) is very stylish. So use the money you didn’t spend on toiletries-because you brought them from home- and re-vamp your wardrobe. (This is for guys as well!)

These are just a few of the lessons I learned during my first month. I have done so much so far and am very excited for the rest of stay in Spain. I prepared myself somewhat based on these lessons for my new home. Tomorrow I part ways with Pamplona and head to my new home- La Coruna.

Hasta Luego Pamplona, se te quiere!

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