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Sweat pants…what sweat pants?

October 24th, 2012 mmonto14

Although La Coruña is not recognized as a fashion capital in the world, it is the home of one of the biggest fashion empires, Inditex. If this does not sound familiar to you, don’t worry it didn’t to me either, but as soon as I arrived I was bombarded by its prestige. For those of you who know of or have heard of the store ZARA, well then you know something about Inditex. Apart from ZARA, there are an additional 9 brands that all belong to Inditex. Imagine how massive this company is; its owner is the richest man in Spain, and the third richest man IN THE WORLD! Yes, I said the 3RD RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD! And his empire all started right here in little Coruña.

If you ask anyone in Spain if they have heard of ZARA, most of them will probably tell you they own many pieces from ZARA. Although you can pretty much find ZARA anywhere in the world, it is still relatively cheaper here in Spain than anywhere else. That is because its owner has made it very difficult for other foreign companies to enter into the Spanish market; he has created a monopoly.

Let’s talk about some big trends I’ve noticed since I arrived. Mostly everyone is well dressed and fashionably put-together: men with their suits and women with their make-up and heels. Yes, women of all ages wear heels everywhere. Another big trend that I have noticed is spikes. Spikes on your shirt, on your shoes, on your jewelry…everywhere. Scarves are another biggie. Even if it is not cold out, women wear scarves as an accessory. Trends are big here!

There are also some things that are a definite DON’T! For example, sweatpants in Spain are a BIG No-No! Something that back home, is a measure of comfort, here is a deadly fashion offense.  The only reason you should ever be wearing sweats outside your home is if you are going to workout…AND THAT IS IT!

Although fashion may seem superficial, I believe it also has a lot to do with how you feel. Back home I revert to sweats and a t-shirt when I am just not in the mood for “dressing-up”. Here, I would not dare leave the house in sweats no matter how uncomfortable I was. Getting “ready” in the morning has become a routine, and I am actually excited to put together outfits and do my makeup; I feel like everyday is a great day because I look put-together. Next step in updating my style…the heels.

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